About Us

Qualidigm is a national healthcare consulting company located in Connecticut dedicated to assisting home health and hospice care with accreditation and survey preparation, state and federal quality audits, documentation, and process audits to improve outcomes and meet state and federal regulations.

In today’s ever changing health care landscape, home care agencies are increasingly faced with new demands to improve the quality of their services combined with managing dwindling state and federal reimbursements.

Qualidigm’s home health care team combine their in-depth knowledge of state and federal regulations, reforms, and penalties with achievable, workable solutions for home health care agencies to obtain positive outcomes. Over a two-year period, Qualidigm developed the unique web-based tool Qualiance™ in response to a critical need for agencies to have access to real time compliance data. This one of a kind software saves home health agencies both time and money by gathering and collating data into one dashboard. From this data, agencies can immediately monitor compliance at all levels and identify deficiencies promptly.

Qualiance™’s capability to access up-to-the-minute data and identify potential issues is essential in developing focused action plans and avoiding costly penalties.